• Our Story

    Spectrum was officially launched in 1992 as an infant company based in a now-legendary garage. However, our hospitality vision, experience and know-how started to take root long before that when Dave Smalley, Founder & CEO, spent twelve years in the restaurant industry. This is where he began to hone his hospitality philosophy and skills. He and a core team began serving the Shell Houston Open in 1984. Today it remains one of our most valued clients.

    Creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is a core Spectrum value, whether those relationships are with staff or with clients. It is the foundation of our success.

    Spectrum’s family of clients now reaches across the United States and Canada, and our Catering, Concessions and Special Event services are unrivaled.


    Our goal is to exceed the client’s expectations by providing the highest quality, value-based hospitality, delivered on time in an interesting presentation by friendly, knowledgeable hospitality professionals with pampered customer care as their primary focus. We are passionate about our work, loyal to our co-workers and dedicated to you.


    Our purpose is to change the lives of our associates and clients for the better.


    Full & Part Time Opportunities for Hospitality Professionals

    The Spectrum Team is comprised of professional, hands-on hospitality gurus, working in a variety of positions to ensure the company’s success, as well as their own.  If you are interested in joining the most dynamic, growth-oriented company in the industry, we would like to hear from you.

    For general positions, please send your resume to spectrum@spectrumfcs.com. We will contact you if a position becomes available that may be a fit for your skill set.

    We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.


    Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

    We are frequently looking for volunteers to assist at our sporting events and festivals. It’s a triple-header! Make money for your service group, make a difference in your community and have a whole lot of fun!


    If you would like to volunteer for any of our current opportunities, click the appropriate e-mail below:

    For Festivals (e.g. Houston Children’s Festival) e-mail Tony Terwilliger at tterwilliger@spectrumfcs.com.

    For Sports Stadiums (Austin ISD, Houston, etc.) e-mail Jim Smalley at jsmalley@spectrumfcs.com.

    For Golf Tournaments e-mail Missie Martinez at mmartinez@spectrumfcs.com.

    For Music Festivals e-mail Tyler Fredricksen at tfredricksen@spectrumfcs.com.


    Are you a volunteer for a music festival or a PGA event managed by Spectrum? If so, you are required to complete the Volunteer Registration Form and bring it with you day of the event. The form will be collected at registration. Please bring your current drivers license to the event so the information can be verified.