Experience in golf hospitality is the single most important element of consideration when selecting a firm to handle your golf tournament catering. Because of Spectrum’s unsurpassed experience, we are the leading hospitality provider for the PGA TOUR in the United States.

    We understand that your number one goal is to produce a first-class golf tournament experience for your sponsors, corporate hospitality clients and guests. Spectrum’s number one goal is to ensure your continued success.

    We are committed to consistently delivering the highest quality product, an unmatched level of presentation and service, and a can-do attitude. Utilizing our meticulous pre-event plan for logistics, production, staff and all hospitality requirements, Spectrum stays ahead of demand. Our attention to detail ensures that your sponsors’ and their guests’ expectations are exceeded and their renewal ensured.

    Since our first PGA TOUR hospitality experience in 1984, we have grown to serve major golf tournaments around the country. To view a complete list of tournaments served, Click Here

  • Spectrum is the industry leader in backstage catering, delivering celebrity service and satisfying personal passions since 1992 to the top names in the music industry.

    What do the largest music festivals, the most demanding touring artists and venues with the highest standards all have in common? They all depend on Spectrum to exceed the expectations of their artists and crew. Every time.

    Our dedicated touring management team has earned its reputation as the preeminent caterer at the top venues in North America…Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Burning Man, Governor’s Ball, Free Press Summer Fest, and Tortuga just to name a few. Whether it’s touring with The Eagles or tour rehearsals for Madonna, Jimmy Buffett or Aerosmith, we have proven that Spectrum can make any venue feel like home.

    Spectrum also serves all aspects of touring entertainment and is the exclusive tour caterer to Cirque du Soleil’s North American Touring Shows.

    Committed and flexible, with an unparalleled attention to detail, Spectrum’s performance in the kitchen, dressing room and dining room consistently gets a standing ovation…backstage.

  • Hitting the Right Note Every time

    Nationally known for successfully producing premium front of the house and back of the house festival catering, Spectrum brings an unparalleled success story to the table. Operating time and again in unpredictable conditions, Spectrum works its magic to create comfortable, inviting dining rooms, complete with fan favorite choices.

    Special requests? Dietary restrictions? No problem, just ask! Spectrum provides a turn-key catering experience with our own equipment, floored dining room tents, kitchen and full service hospitality staff.

    Spectrum keeps things vibrant and fresh. For your most demanding festival catering needs, demand Spectrum.

    To check out some of the festivals we have served, Click Here


    Hurricanes • Floods • Fires
    Tornados • Ice Storms • Strikes

    Spectrum has the experience, equipment, tents, transportation and disaster relief staff to quickly assemble in a devastated area and immediately provide great food and support services for as long as needed.

    Manufacturing Plants, Energy Companies and Insurance Companies have come to depend on Spectrum to fulfill their every need after weather related disaster strikes. For two decades, we have provided disaster relief services to those in need.

    Spectrum also owns:

    RV’s and can supply our own housing, equipment and trucks, ensuring we can serve tens of thousands at one location or thousands at ten different locations.
    In-house generators for all of our power needs, Spectrum is a one-stop, full-service catering company, when you need our services the most.


    Edgy and Distinctive. Catering to Match the Cirque Experience.

    Cirque du Soleil and Spectrum both deliver an awe-inspiring, unique experience. Cirque du Soleil does it on the stage while Spectrum delivers the experience before the show and at intermission with special guest catering. The innovative Spectrum Team has created a rare hospitality experience in the Tapis Rouge, appropriately named the “Red Carpet.”

    An artistic blend of innovative, delectable cuisine, indulgent desserts, fine wines, premium beverages and whimsical serving vessels – the Tapis Rouge is a unique complement to the Cirque du Soleil experience. You would expect such flair at a five-star restaurant, but at a Cirque event? Spectrum isn’t your ordinary venue catering company.

    From Vancouver, B.C. to Miami, from New York to L.A., tens of thousands of guests have been wowed by the Spectrum Catering experience.

    Feeling inspired? In a permanent facility or temporary venue, we can custom design a catering and concession experience that reflects your own theatrical or musical performance.