"I wanted to thank you for the awesome job your staff did all week at the U.S. Open. Your food was delicious. Jeff who was running our set of bungalows was amazing. He deserves a raise (lol). He really did an awesome job. My customers were blown away by the food, the bungalow and service. Some called it "classy", others said it was "outstanding" every one had a wonderful time. Even the temp staff fit right in and were great. Bravo to you for your leadership and the way the company runs. Thanks Lon"

- Lon Hansen,

"GREAT JOB You guys are the best at what you do … very happy that you're our partners and hope we have many more events we will do together over the years. Thanks for you hard work and dedication. Best, DP"

- Dan Parise,

Deployed Resources

"I have worked with Spectrum in over 25 cities around the United States...and consider Spectrum a partner more than a supplier...they serve extraordinary meals and are highly flexible. This national caterer is an important part of providing our spectators with the ultimate experience."

- Benoit Pigeon, Hospitality Manager

Cirque du Soleil - Varekai

"Spectrum is One Stop for all our event needs...from tables and chairs to food and entertainment it is taken care of in a timely manner. Spectrum is the BEST and is proudly listed on my sheet of preferred vendors."

- Janice Spencer,

LD Systems

"In 20 years, I have not seen anything like what we just went through with the weather. Spectrum Catering and Concessions, with Dave as leader and Melanie managing our customers, are the ONLY caterer that could have managed this and did so without one single issue! Remember the movie “Doc Hollywood?” When the old Dr calls up the plastic surgeon and tells him he "'...would be a bovine, clodpated, citified moron if I didn't hire you on the spot." Same thing applies here! How they operate, their professionalism and their integrity is without question the best in the business. Watching them work under these conditions and to service 85 individual clients and 33 food outlets without issue was truly amazing. I could not be stronger in a recommendation."

- Michael Tothe, Tournament Director

Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

"Your food is as creative as the acts created by Cirque du Soleil. Everything I had was delicious, simple to eat as everything was bite size. Again, a wonderful evening."

- Clint and Leigh Rappole, PhD, Professor Emeritus

University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College

"I just wanted to write you to congratulate you on such a great event. I coordinate volunteers for a living and I was incredibly impressed with the volunteer coordination for this event. I felt like I knew what to do every step of the way."

- Suzanne Sutherland, Volunteer

Houston Children's Festival

"Spectrum is like a big family and everyone is so nice. It's a lot of hard work, but in the end it's all worth it. Spectrum and Disney are definite MUST DO internships."

- Louis Honore Jullien IV, Summer Intern


"I love being involved with the community...I can't afford to give money, so I give my time instead...and my daughters are now volunteering. We make it a family affair and love spending that weekend each year by giving our time and spending the time together."

- Michelle Smith, 10 year volunteer

Houston Children's Festival

"I had a great time at the festival and plan to volunteer again next year. Thank you for the opportunity to do so this year."

- Suzanne Sutherland, Volunteer

Houston's Children's Festival

"Everything was wonderful. There were a lot of positive comments on the food and the set up worked perfectly. You were very accommodating and every detail was handled with efficiency. Job well done! "

- Patricia Meyer,

M&T Bank

"Spectrum always goes above and beyond what any other special events company provides. Their enthusiasm and creativity make this company stand out."

- Julie DeGuerre, Event Manager

The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau