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Spectrum Connection: October

From the Desk of Dave Smalley: PRIDE. The other day, a local government official who had moved out of state, retired and moved back to The Woodlands, decided to drop by Spectrum to pay a visit. Years ago we had done quite a number of projects together. He went to our old office at the…

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Spectrum Connection: September

From the Desk of Dave Smalley: SUNDAYS. It happened again. Sunday morning, looking out at the early morning sunlight twinkling on the pond, it came upon me like a wave…that warm rush of emotion. It’s not something that just happens at home, it can happen anywhere. From a personal perspective, for as long as I…

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Spectrum Connection: August

From the desk of Dave Smalley: BRANDING. Branding is the promotion of a particular product or company, by means of advertising and distinctive design. That is the definition of branding. I am convinced that branding is not limited to a company; I am even more convinced that branding is incredibly important to the success of…

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