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From the Desk of Dave Smalley:


In fact, I would like to wish you a most uncomfortable holiday. I will explain later. Without question, the holidays are a time for thankfulness and giving. And, as we have all previously agreed, it is a wonderful time of year.

We have also previously explored that it is not far-fetched, that if we all made a supreme effort, that thankfulness and giving could be extended throughout the rest of the calendar. This idea should be part of a grand initiative. I mean, what is stopping this from happening? What rules, laws, agencies, or other obstacles regulate that we can’t exhibit the same level of thankfulness and giving throughout the entire year as we do during the holidays? I know you know the answer. Nothing precludes us from such awesome behavior and mindset; nothing but our own laziness and lack of commitment.

You might say whoa, that is pretty harsh. I would counter with saying I am just being direct. It really goes back to the most common thread we share here…COMMITMENT. Making the committed choice and creating an unwavering plan of action, rather than wishing something to happen.

One might think this is a big task, a really big cultural shift in thinking and action. I really don’t think so. It is like any committed choice we make. It all starts with one step and is then followed by another and another. I read somewhere recently that one of the fundamental reasons grand goals are not achieved is “too much time focusing on Oz, and too little time planning and constructing the yellow brick road.” I like the analogy. Too many think about the end game and ignore the process. The process is key. The take-away here for me is to achieve big things or small things, the process is the same:

1) Make the committed choice

2) Prepare and plan

3) Adjust the plan as circumstances dictate

4) Never waver from the objective

We can do anything if we follow the aforementioned process. ANYTHING. But now, back to the aforementioned uncomfortable part. Making the committed choice is the really not that hard; sticking with the committed choice is really hard. We don’t get to high places without extraordinary effort, and that is usually uncomfortable for most people. Accept it as fact, that changing behav-ior, unwaveringly following a path, is synonymous with getting out of your comfort zone. So to do big things, accept that you are going to be uncomfortable and embrace it.

Try it. Start with something small and important to you, be it personal, business, family or spir-itual. Make a committed choice about something important. Maybe it might be important to you to join others in the effort to extend the holiday spirit to the other months of the year. Per-haps something else might find your passion. If your committed choice is big or small, it makes no difference. But if you are thinking BIG, and you think it can be accomplished in your lifetime, you are not thinking BIG enough. Regardless, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other will change the world.

Cheers to you and yours this holiday time. You are at the very top of the GRATEFUL list.

Most Humbly,


From the desk of Melanie Parker:

December 20181

What is your hedge of protection?

I have spent some time reflecting on this question – to understand what it means to me on a professional and spiritual level. It provokes me to channel my inner “protect your blind side” and that mentality easily translates for me.

A hedge of protection can take on any “look” or visual that is relatable at any given time. The actual definition of hedge is “a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs.”

As a wife, a parent, a friend, a daughter, a big sister – well sometimes I become the hedge of protection that my family and friends may need me to be. Thank-fully, sometimes those same family and friends are equally my hedge of protec-tion; the most protective circle a girl could ask for!

Professionally, we have all had to be the hedge at some point in our career. Pro-tecting our job, our customers, our income, our Spectrum family; we’ve been able to surround, enclose, and encircle our extended Spectrum family the Spectrum way.

Spiritually, it is my prayer that God will surround all of us with a hedge of protection against those that may wish to do us unnecessary harm.

Friends, protect your blind side, don’t allow yourself to be unprepared.



Thanks for joining us!!

December 20181

December 20181 2

Hi everyone! My Name is Megan Bybee, and I am the new Venue and Festival Accountant. I got my start with Spectrum working for the Ice rink last winter. After that, I had a blast on the road with the finance team as an intern, and now I’m getting ready for round two. Before Spectrum, I attended a small college in Idaho, and I still miss the mountains dearly. However, I don’t miss the freezing cold! In my spare time, I do a lot of painting and drawing. I also play the guitar, ukulele, and the piano. I’m so excited to be in the office with everyone, and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come!






December 2018 4

December 20181 3

Hi all! My name is Ashley, and I am excited to start at Spectrum as a Venue and Festival Accountant. I am a home-grown Texas girl and have lived here my whole life. I graduated from Texas State University last December with a Bachelors in Accounting and moved back to Houston to be close to family. I have previously worked at a small CPA firm preparing tax returns and a mortgage company in the tax department. I have a younger brother and sister and a cute little fur baby who loves to create mischief. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family. When not at work you can usually find me out with family or at home crocheting/knitting with a cup of tea in front of the TV. I am so happy to start at Spectrum and can’t wait to meet everyone!






Wicked Whisk Corner

December 2018 6

The Wicked Whisk culinary team delighted guests at a private event this past November with their impressive menu and creative presentations. We pulled out all the stops including a gourmet coffee station, liquid nitrogen cake pops, and a lavish seafood station. Great job, team! ~Tracy V.

Wicked Whisk continued to wow guests at the Gahring-Neighbors wedding reception. On November 10th, 225 guests filled the Old Dobbin Station to celebrate. Beautiful evening everyone. ~Sandra B.









Client Profile: Charlie Walker

December 20181 Client


C3 Presents

How do you know Spectrum and since when:

I met Spectrum in 1994 when I got my first “real” job working for Pace Concerts. Dave and I were young then!

Tell us about your family:

I have two children, Aiden—9 and Lila—8. I am married to the wonderful Beth!

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world:

Anything outdoors, golfing, boating, or fishing.

Favorite foods, books, or vacation spots:

Food: Mexican

Books: My current is, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work

Vacation spot: Bahamas (Abacos)



Arizona Catering Corner:


December 2018 7

Arizona Catering had the pleasure of working with Jane and Ryan on their big day. Two years of planning, 150 guests, passed hors-d’oeuvres, carved prime rib, pork tenderloin, baked potato bar, and an awesome salad station. Good job, you guys! ~Jeannia S.


Val Vista Lakes

Gilbert, AZ









The Doves Flew: Lighting of the Doves

December 2018 8

On Thanksgiving, some of the staff at the Kings Theatre donated their time to help feed the neighborhood at our 2nd Annual Kings Theatre Thanksgiving Luncheon. About 300 guests stopped by and enjoyed a free, delicious Thanksgiving meal. The food was donated by local businesses and was prepared by a local high school culinary arts program. All in, about 60 volunteers from the venue and the neighborhood spent the morning and afternoon inside a nice, warm tent (it was below 20 degrees and WINDY) serving our guests and enjoying time together for a great cause.

Pictured (l to r): Vicki (Jeff’s mom), Jevon, Judy, Rennie (kneeling), Lydia, Jeff, Sahai, Tracy, and Hollie.

~Jeff Davis











Tyler Fredricksen


Jimmy Boutwell


Adam Avelar


William Knockenhauer


Maria Mesa


John O’Donnell


Consuelo Aquino



Catalina Gonzalez


Jon McDonald


Ryan Dobrota


Mitchell Katz


Mike Ramirez


Alfredo Rivas


Julia Lane


Jordan Haskins


Kody Mourer


Eddie Nguyen


Shelley Gatchell


Helen Gonzales


Jay Jung


Jestin Lahair


Mark Stanley Jr.


Coming Up

Orange Bowl Beach Bash


Lights all Night Music Festival



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