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From the desk of Dave Smalley

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Getting Even (AKA, is Karma real?)

I am a firm believer that Karma is a real thing, both positive and negative, just like getting even. You may be saying to yourself, “what do you mean, positive and negative of getting even?” Yes, getting even generally has a negative connotation. “Oooh, I’m going to get even with that guy!” When we hear something like this, it is usually seen in a negative light, but in reality, it is just the reaction of a common human emotion.

It just so happens that there seems to be more negative actions taken in this vein than positive ones. But upon inspection, getting even works both ways. When you are complimented on your look, clothes, or style, one might say thank you, then the next thing we do is try to find something to complement them in return, such as “you look great too.” Right?

There are some folks that, when we send positivity their way, they don’t reflect that back. Those are small-minded, self-centered individuals. They are unaware of how to treat others as a person, and oblivious to the Golden Rule. We must ignore those people, and not allow them to affect how we feel.

To allow them to affect our emotional position, or how we go about our day, is to put them in charge of us. We all know mean-spirited people. Not one I know is genuinely happy. They have their moments, but they are so caught up in making sure that they tamp down others, they cannot see the sunshine for themselves. And that is where the Karma comes in. Those sorts of folks only do nice things for others to get something out of it. That rarely works. When one treats others kindly, because that is just the right thing to do, one will find that they can change the world, for someone else, if even for a moment.

We treat others with thoughtfulness, not for ourselves, but for the benefit of others. Respect others, treat all people like people, lift someone UP. As a recipient of that kindness, many, if not most, will try to get even, by passing that positivity on to others.

The hope and belief is that the reaction is exponential. Please go out and create some great Karma of your own. Don’t concern yourself one bit about those that try to get one over on you, treat you disrespectfully, or unkindly. They will get exactly what they have earned. Don’t do it expecting anything in return; do it because it is the right thing to do. Reap what you sow.

As we move through these autumn months, and things hopefully continue to open, do the right thing for others. Talk to everyone with respect, no matter what their station in life. Please get vaccinated to protect yourself, but more importantly, our industry and our family. What could be more important than that?

Go out and give someone a GREAT reason to get even with you, that will make their day. We have so much to be thankful for, let’s share our joy with all.

With Great Respect,



From the desk of Melanie Smalley

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No, not the movie.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Sunday morning church service with Tina where we enjoyed the second message of the series Almost Famous. It was a touching message in that it inspired one to think about their own individual life message, you know, how we use our gifts today will play a part in how we are remembered later. Sounds a little morbid but touches the heart all the same.

Almost Famous. If you listen to the news or read the latest magazines, there is always talk about the latest celebrity that passed away and remembering their professional work and maybe their philanthropic work too. But at the end of the day, a lot of non-celebrities’ pass, and they have legacies of their own that the entire world doesn’t get to hear about. Almost Famous.

Personally, I don’t want to be remembered in a magazine or on TMZ. I want to leave behind a legacy of impactful love and grace shown and given to others. To try to always put myself in someone else’s shoes so that I can empathize with their needs, perspective, circumstances, opinion. Less judgmental of the actions of others. The impetus of the message – who are you? What would people miss about you? What can you do today to be impactful in the lives of others tomorrow? What are you doing with your gifts? What are you doing to fill the cups of others and not just your own?

I’m not suggesting being a Pollyanna, pretending that life is all rainbows and butterflies. I am suggesting you be you, the best you can be, let your light shine so that others are drawn to you; inspire and motivate.

Almost Famous. I like how that sounds.




August 2021 Welcome Anna Banner

Hi Team! My name is Ana Atias and I am the new People Department’s Administrative Assistant! I am from Venezuela, and I came to United States five years ago and started going to school at Lone Star University to pursue my degree in Human Resources. When I first started at Spectrum, I was the office assistant at the Warehouse and now I am super happy to say that Spectrum gave me the opportunity to work as a People Department Administrative Assistant, which also allows me to pursue my career even further! When time permits, I like to go fishing with my husband and spend time with my family. Overall, I am so excited about the opportunity Spectrum has given me and I can’t wait to get to know all the amazing people that work here!


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August 2021 All Things Cerify 1

Certify is our Expense, Invoice and Travel portal. All your corporate credit card expenses are processed in the Certify mobile app or through their website: Certify Login We process expense reports twice a month, the 2nd and 15th are the due dates for your credit card expenses. All corporate checks written are processed in Invoice through the Certify website. Invoices may be submitted daily but need to be submitted Tuesdays before noon each week. As a reminder we no longer reimburse gas for use of your personal vehicles. All personal vehicles used for business use, outside of your regular work commute will receive milage reimbursement. Mileage needs to be tracked and supported with a map from google, MapQuest etc. All approved reimbursements are processed through certify invoice, select yourself as the vendor. If you are a member of our amazing traveling operations team, please be sure to update your personal profile on Certify. It is very important your name and birthdate matches your driver’s license/passport. You can also add any of your travel memberships to your profile. There are informative training videos, helpful guides and training sessions you can sign up for on their website: Certify Help Center Please navigate through the training topics, even seasoned certify users will find helpful shortcuts and streamlined processes. Mobile app users have found this video on YouTube very helpful too. If you need further Certify support, please feel free to reach out to Trisha Stapleton for assistance. If you need a job number or vendor added to Certify please reach out to Kim Smidlein. We are always happy to help!

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August 2021 Wicked Whisk 2

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion welcomed back concert-goers on June 27 for the first time since November 2019. This was also the first show I had worked in 472 days, but who’s counting? Guest in the Woodforest Bank Club are now welcomed with a variety of food options – signature pizzas and salads, and a rotating club table du jour. The biggest star so far this season has been the post-show beignets! We have guest come back to the club early so they can grab theirs. We have had 6 shows so far this season with many, many, MANY more on the horizon. There are so many people I need to say “thank you” to for welcoming me to the club and helping us get reopened. It’s going to be a great season!!!

Wicked Whisk: The Wicked Whisk Team has a blast at the Woodlands Township Fourth of July Events. It was an evening of fun, food, and fireworks!!

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August 2021 Pd 1

There Is No “I” In Team
But There Is A “TEAM” In Spectrum Catering & Concessions

What an excellent word built from 4 letters “T-E-A-M”

Have you ever paid attention to ants and how they move in a uniformed line to get whatever task they have in mind completed? They are the true definition of “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!” Together they move towards a common goal and each work to do their part, at times carrying 20 times their weight. They have been known to hold onto one another using their bodies to build living bridges, which allows them to reach unobtainable heights and float across bodies of water. They work collectively and do not stop until the goal has been reached. One ant alone may seem small, but a full colony is sure mighty!

As a company, we are walking into what may be the busiest year that we’ve ever seen. In the upcoming months, it is important to remember, just like the ants – we are all working toward the same common goal. Collectively, we strive to be an industry leader by providing our clients with the best experience every time they work with the Spectrum Family!

With that being said, it is important that you all know and understand that you’re not alone on Survivor’s Island. For example, there are times when our Company President, Dave Smalley will pick up trash to clean an area or lift items to help build a stage. Just like Dave, and just like the ants, we all wear many hats when needed and it’s all to work towards the common goal.

If we move like the ants, we together can reach unobtainable heights and float across any obstacles thrown our way!

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. – Phil Jackson

~ The People Department


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