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From The Desk of Dave Smalley: Giving

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December, the last month of the year, and a convenient time to reflect on the year that was. I ask myself, how did you perform in 2019? More direct, how did I perform as a person? While I am not much of one to look back, sometimes looking back can help provide perspective going forward. We can always reflect on the pluses and minuses of business, but taking stock of our- selves has much greater legs.

Reflecting back on 2019, I need to really look at myself to determine if I was more of a giver or a receiver, a teacher or just a doer. To paraphrase, ‘give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.’ I have hopes that I was able to focus on teaching and coaching my associates, more often than I simply directed them.

I ask, “was I compassionate and understanding?” When someone hit a rough patch was I able to be the one they came to? The reality of it is, more times they went to Mel. She has exhibited outstanding and consistent compassion for others. I need to pattern myself more in Mel’s likeness. This is an area for growth for me.

thought. I am pretty sure I do that, and I can do better. I get caught up in being busy, and I think I don’t have time to listen. Everyone is important, and I must make time to focus and listen.

Was I accepting of others in 2019? Did I accept that others might have a different way, a different idea than I? Did I accept that others are different than I am? In reflecting, I clearly, more readily accept that others are different from me more than I accept one’s different opinion. Pigheadedness stands in the way of acceptance.

Without question, I will not be lacking for areas to improve upon in 2020. I have challenges to be a better ME. Now, you might disagree with the following statement, but know I don’t think I am a bad person, it is just that I can do better. I can evolve and create a better ‘atmosphere’ or ‘light’ around me. By doing so, I can change other’s lives for the better. I will be that guy.

Maybe you might choose to do some reflecting of your own? Lean on my thoughts or create your own list. With just a little thought, our human flaws become apparent. Think about what we can do together, how bright our light can shine.

Did I share myself with others? It can be easy to share one’s resources with others, but that is a fleeting moment. Sharing of one’s self is an entirely different ball- game. Loving unconditionally is an admirable quality and one I aspire to. You may laugh, but I sure would like to love in the same unconditional way a puppy does when you walk in the door. That is unconditional!

As the holiday season approaches, it is often referred to as the season of giving. Join me in aspiring to extend our giving to others, through our actions and love, year-round. Together, we can light the world. By giving, we receive so much more as a person than receiving. Thanks to all for giving me a great 2019, you are wonderful! Cheers to the season, and to you and yours!

In 2019, did I listen to others? Sometimes we just hear people talking. Sometimes we start to formulate our response before they have even completed their

Peace and Grace,



From The Desk of Melanie Smalley

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My Spectrum Connection is a little different this month, please bear with me.

Our Spectrum family isn’t just you and me, it runs far deeper. Our Spectrum family includes our children, our parents, our friends, and so many others that connect YOU to Spectrum. We share our love of Spectrum, and therefore, we share our work with those closest to us; those that make up our personal family tree. This means we are all “connected” the Spectrum way; we are tied together by the threads that make us who we

are…not what we are, and not what we do, but who we are. We are people, we are friends,   we are co-workers; we know one another’s family and friends. Our Spectrum family really is deep!

I am humbled knowing that there isn’t a person reading this today, that doesn’t feel a connection to at least one of their associates and probably to that associate’s family, too. Again, that is the Spectrum way. Being connected means to respect each other for who we are, for the part we play in this life.

November saw the loss of some very special people in our Spectrum family. It goes without say- ing that with loss comes grief, and in the most difficult of moments, we can fill each other’s cups by offering love and support the Spectrum way. We look out for each other, we fill in where we need to, we will pinch hit for each other at the drop of a hat. All these traits, and more, are indicative of the Spectrum way, a part of the fabric that defines our SPECTRUM TRIBE. Please take a minute to honor these amazing people for who they were, and how they contributed. If not to our lives, to those of our associates.

Be Blessed always, and take care of one another!


In Memoriam

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Janet Lynn Bradley, loving mother to our own Denzil “Dangerous D” Pitts

Adam James Stefanko, Spectrum Cirque du Soleil Tour Manager, and most recently Chef to Arizona Catering.

Adam James Stefanko, Spectrum Cirque du Soleil Tour Manager, and most recently Chef to Arizona Catering.









Wicked Whisk Catering

November 4th

Guardant Health, 40 guests

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November 14th

Houston Apartment Association’s Wine Tasting, 100 guests.

December 2019 Page 03 Image 0003

December 2019 Page 03 Image 0002

This November, Wicked Whisk donated a Thanksgiving Meal to the children and families in the Houston MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital. Wicked Whisk partnered with Addi’s Faith Foundation, a wonderful local non-profit, who provides financial assistance to families struggling to care for a child with cancer. We were honored and privileged to provide a meal for the children, families, and staff. We look forward to doing this again soon!

Employee Spotlight: Gary Ormsby

How did you get introduced to  Spectrum?  I  found out about Spectrum from another chef that worked with Spectrum.

When did you start, and what is your role at Spectrum? I have been with Spectrum for 14 years. In the first few years, I was a Production Chef with Golf. Then, a few years later, Dave asked me to be the Executive Chef for the Golf Division.

What do you love most about your job? I love the people I work with. We are all very different people with the same goals; to do the best job possible on anything put in front of us! The great thing about being a chef working with Spectrum is we are always provided with the tools to do the job.

Tell us about your family! My mom passed away when I was 11 years old. I was lucky enough to have a very caring aunt to step up and take on that role for my older brother and myself.

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world? Fishing and hunting are what I enjoy to do on my downtime. Dreaming of fishing and hunting is what I do in my work time. (Don’t let Dave see that) LOL. I have been blessed with being able to travel to beautiful places in the U.S. and Canada with Spectrum. I have also fished in some of the nicest places in the world. Without Spectrum, that may have never happened.

Why spectrum? I have been cooking for over 30 years. In the last 14 years, I have had the best quality of life. Anyone that works for Spectrum should take a moment and reflect on what great things you have now, or have done, that you never had before. For me, I would have never gone to Crater Lake or Jasper National Park, and many other places I could add to that list, but the Spectrum Connection is not long enough! I would have never felt the reward of Sunday night at Colonial where I got to say, “Wow, guys we just did that!” It really makes those 3 am alarms not so bad. Thank you, Spectrum, for this journey! Now, with that being said, the only thing I can think about is how BIG that book will be for Colonial 2020.

Do you have a favorite event, if so, which ones and why? My favorite time would be during Hurricane Ike. It was very rewarding to see how happy you can make someone feel through good food and 2 am coffee. All the add on events were rewarding and fun. If every week we did the U.S. Open in California, I may have to choose that over Ike.


Fun Facts From The Golf Division

Most might not realize what goes into making the Manager Books for each event, so we thought we would share a few facts for you from our 2019 events!

17 Events – 16 Golf Tournaments and 1 Air Show

Every event requires FIVE sets of prep sheets to make books Our smallest event totaled to 525 prep sheets

Our largest event totaled to 2,260 prep sheets

Our events together totaled to 16,150 prep sheets

That is OVER 32 reams of paper…over THREE CASES OF PAPER…just for preps!

And of course, it takes binders to make these books! Overall we made: 209 catering books

117 concession books 146 books for the kitchen

The largest event we have is the Charles Schwab Challenge (Colonial), coming

in at a total of 56 manager books!

What else goes in those binders? Well, if you work golf, you know it is quite a bit! Almost every binder also gets a trusty pencil pack, and all those combined comes out to:

December 2019 Page 06 Image 0002


  • Scissors, 450
  • Tape, 450
  • Post It Notes, 450
  • Memo Pad, 450
  • Sharpies, 900
  • Highlighters, 900
  • Pens, 2700
  • Band-aids, 4500

Welcome To The Team!

December 2019 Page 07 Image 0002

Hi, team! My name is Ryan Eubank.

I’m so thrilled to be joining the Spectrum squad as a Venue and Festival Accountant. Prior to Spectrum, I worked as a Banker for Frost Bank in Austin, Texas. Originally, I grew up in San Antonio, and I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Personal Financial Planning degree. Wreck Em! I love to go hunting, fishing, running, traveling, and basically anything outdoors. Spending time with close family, friends, and my dog, Bailey, means the world to me. I’ve only been with Spectrum for a couple of weeks, but I’ve loved it so far. I’m excited to explore the hospitality
industry and get to travel with everybody!

Spectrum s Annual Blood Drive was a HUGE success, with 13 various blood type donors!

Thanks, to you all!


Hey, team! I am participating in MOVEMBER this year. Movember is an organization raising mon- ey for men’s health issues, both mental and physical. My inspiration this year, is suicide pre- vention. Not too long ago, one of my favorite people in the world took his own life, because he didn’t feel like he had any other choice. Men often suffer silently because “we aren’t sup- posed to talk about our feelings.” I want to do what I can to try and change this, and to let peo- ple know that suicide is not their only option. Donate to this cause, here!

~Jeff Davis

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Jon McDonald 12/04
Samuel Badot-Fisher 12/07
Ryan Dobrata 12/08
Emily Swanagin 12/12
Mike Ramirez 12/13
Rene Romero 12/14
Parker Jackson 12/15
Rafaela Atias Rivas 12/17
Melissa Hasmuk 12/17
Julia Lane 12/18
Orlando Zamora 12/25
Eddie Nguyen 12/26
Manuel Nanez 12/27
Amy Clark 12/28
Shelley Gatchell 12/28
Mary Helen Gonzales 12/28
Jay Jung 12/28
Jestin Lahair 12/29


Super Bowl Live

Genesis Open Honda Classic

Arnold Palmer Invitational





Hoag Classic 3/2—3/8
Bayou City Arts Festival—Memorial Park 3/27—3/29
Valero Texas Open 3/30—4/5
March Madness Music Festival 4/3—4/5
Dreamville Music Festival 4/4
McDonald’s Houston Children’s Festival 4/4—4/5
Woodlands Waterway Festival 4/4—4/5
High Water Music Festival 4/18—4/19
Insperity Invitational 4/27—5/3
Shaky Knees Music Festival 5/1—5/3
AT&T Byron Nelson 5/4—5/10
National Homecoming Music Festival 5/9—5/10
Trondossa Music & Arts Festival 5/16—5/17
Charles Schwab Cup 5/18—5/24
American Family Insurance Championship 6/1—6/7
Governor’s Ball Music Festival 6/5—6/7
RBC Canadian Open 6/8—6/14
Bonnaroo Music Festival 6/11—6/14



Nicole Baughn



Tyler Frederickson 12/05/2011
Adam Avelar 12/16/2016
William Knockenhaur 12/16/2016
Maria Mesa 12/16/2016
John Odonnell 12/16/2016
Byron Sonnier 12/16/2016
Salvador Zepeda Jr. 12/18/2017

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