Spectrum Connection: January 2021

From the desk of Dave Smalley: The River

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There are lots of rivers, often representing boundaries of a city or state. While most have bridges to cross them, they all represent a challenge or an obstacle to one
who wants to get to the other side. In our lives, we all face obstacles and challenges…which at times can be like trying to cross a river where there is no bridge.

Just like our problems can be both big and small, the river presents challenges that are also both big and small. How deep is the water? How swift is the current? How wide is the river? Lately, with the virus, that river looks pretty deep, pretty wide, and pretty swift. But, with thought and planning, we can and will forge that river for certain. (Forge is a fancy word people use when talking about crossing a river and getting to the other side.)

One of the challenges we face is in our own head. Our problems, like the river, might be smaller where we can see that it is not too deep, wide or swift, but right before we take our first step, we might worry about what is under the water that we can’t see. We then step back before even dipping a toe into the water. Here we were, ready to cross, and we let self-doubt and negative self-talk get the best of us and stop us in our tracks. We worry about the unforeseen.

I recently learned from a published study that less than 9% of the things we worry about happening to us ever even come to reality for us to actually deal with. That’s right, less than 9%. That means the other 91% plus never, NEVER, HAPPENED. That is pretty overwhelming odds, showing that what we are worrying over is a waste of time. That should give us great cause to fret a little less and focus on what is in front of us, rather than imagining what might be below the surface.

I don’t want to represent myself as the person on the other side of the river. I am not one to stand on the other side shouting, “I did it, so can you.” At least I hope I am not perceived that way. No, I am on the same side of these rivers as you are, doing my own navigating and tamping down my negative self-talk and doubts. I am practicing my positive self-talk: I CAN do this, You CAN do this, We CAN do this!

I wanted to share my thoughts as to how we can look at challenges, assess the situation, plan and execute to achieve success. We can and we will forge this river. We will confidently stick our toe in the water, put one foot in front of the other and cross. I see this crossing in my minds eye as all of us creating a human chain, hand in hand together until our chain reaches the bank on the other side.

Of all the many things I have learned during these past months, I have certainly come to even more greatly appreciate the love and value of our extended family. They say on the news that we are all in this together. I call BS. But we, all of US, are without question in it together. I gather strength from that knowledge; I gather confidence, courage, and most of all peace. There is no mountain too high and, in this case, no river too wide that we cannot cross together. Let me put my hand with yours and yours with mine. Let’s do this together. With great love and appreciation, Cheers to the New Year!

Dave Smalley


From the desk of Melanie Smalley.

Untitled 1 07I recently had a friend share the following quote with me

“Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success

achieved.” ~ Helen Keller

It’s probably safe to say we’ve all been experiencing some trials and suffering as of late Our experiences surely look different from one to another but onetheless, our individual reality is just that our reality.

With 2021 now underway, it’s my hope that through the trials we’ve all faced, we will find the inner strength to begin anew We were all left with no control mechanisms in as COVID took the reins While it may seem we remain without control, there are certainly signs of hope from the vaccine we so desperately need to restart not only our industry but the industries of so many, to the inspiration of basic human care and kindness, perhaps as we’ve never seen before.

My point is, finding some positive effects of your pandemic experience, will provide you a springboard into 2021 where you will find some inspiration that maybe you didn’t even know was there I encourage you to make a list of the positive effects you’ve experienced over the last 9 months and post them on your refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror, make them your computer wallpaper whatever you have to do so that you see those positive reminders every day I honestly believe doing this will change the tone, the expectation and ultimately your individual reality into something of extreme positivity and healthy encouragement for 2021 Let’s keep working together to encourage and inspire one another Let’s allow 2021 to be a year of recovery, a year in which we start to find better ways to live and to work However difficult this year has been, how difficult the months ahead may be, it’s the recovery that will reshape us all.

With Love,

Love, Mel










We were honored to be the caterer for members of the Spectrum Family, Tyler Kezia Fredricksen! Chef Kevin Bell and the culinary team created an amazing meal for the guests, with a wonderful surprise of the Wicked Whisk Food Truck to finish the evening Serving up late night breakfast tacos and churros! Congratulations Mr Mrs Fredricksen! Thank you for allowing Wicked Whisk to be part of your special day!


The Wicked Whisk Team had the privilege of catering many events throughout this holiday season! From holiday events, weddings, and in home dinners we are thankful for our clients continued support. Thank You to our team for your hard work during this holiday season! We wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year!!




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