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From the Desk of Dave Smalley: CHOICES

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We often talk about the choices we make in life, and as most of you know, I talk about the difference of making a choice or a committed choice. The committed choice is one we make with our entire being, fully invested. I watch a lot of people make choices and step in their chosen direction. Some even sprint. But most times, I see them head in that direction only to be distracted by “something shiny”, or as we say it in our household, SQUIRREL! Regardless, the choice was short lived and gets put on the shelf until the thought comes wandering around again, and we think about how did we get off that path. We got off the path because we were not committed; we were not invested enough. So, how can we avoid this and turn a choice into a committed choice, and then a committed choice into success? The process is easy; however, the follow-through is hard and solely up to you. Try these basic steps to start making committed choices in your life.


1) Be specific about your choice or goal. Make it realistic and envision the steps. While you might think that a goal to stop procrastinating, to lose weight, to become a millionaire, or to be a better person and the like, are all valiant thoughts, but they are not specific, nor incrementally measurable.

2) Write it down! Put it on an index card and message your committed choice in the present tense: It makes me proud and makes me feel good to complete my entire to-do list every day. Or, by sticking to my exercise and dietary plan, every pound I drop not only makes me healthy, but happy!

3) Post your committed choice where you can see it every day. Then read it, and act on it every day.

4) Missteps are possible, they do NOT derail you. Use any missteps to strengthen your resolve. If you are committed, nothing will stand in your way.

5) Only share your goals with those closest to you, that you know you can count on 100% to support you.

6) When you have won and achieved your goal, save that index card, put a star on it, and put it in a safe place where you can pick it up, review it, and remind yourself of that success and awesome feeling about the strength of the committed choice, and its strength to help you on your next goal.

Soon, you will build a stack of successful index cards chronicling your success. As that stack grows higher, so will your confidence and track record to see your goals through to the finish. This has been an amazingly effective tool for me for decades. Each goal builds toward another. Each time one learns to be more specific, and your mind trains itself to find the ‘feel good’.

I hope to hear from you and your committed choice journey. And like every great journey, it starts with that first step, then one foot in front of the other. Wishing you and yours only the best of happiness and health.

With great respect,

Dave Smalley

From the Desk of Melanie Parker

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I recently read an interesting article about ‘How to Survive an Avalanche.’ Yes, a real avalanche. It was assuredly an interesting read, and I would hope I would never find myself in the midst of the real thing – I am not sure I could recall half of the suggestions the article provided; let alone in the midst of panic! I did, however, take much more away from the article that can be applied to everyday life. The definition of an avalanche may seem obvious, but I want to include it here.







1. a large mass of snow, ice, etc., detached from a mountain slope and sliding or falling suddenly downward.

2. anything like an avalanche in suddenness and overwhelming quantity: an avalanche of misfortunes; an avalanche of fan mail.

3. to overwhelm with an extremely large amount of anything; swamp.

I kind of like the reference above about an avalanche of fan mail! Funny!

Getting back to the point is that we can often find ourselves immersed in our own avalanche of circumstances. School work, business demands, family distractions can all, at times, feel overwhelming. Like we are stuck in the middle of an avalanche and have to fight our way through to come out on top still breathing.

How we fight our way to the top is a testament to our individual strengths, perseverance, will to survive, to come out kicking and screaming that we made it! Within our company, we are lucky to have each other; we pull each other free, we pick each other up, we stay together even though the avalanche

that can feel all-consuming at times. Until we work our way through, come out on top of the pile, and breathe again.

As the months ahead spread us in all different directions away from each other and our families; let’s not let the avalanche of the season bury us. Before we know it, these months of fun, hard work, and travel will be in our rear-view mirrors.

I would say we are in the midst of a great “avalanche” of opportunity! Customers keep knocking on our door, thankfully, and we keep opening the door finding wonderful and great chances to continue to grow Spectrum and keep growing ourselves too. We will all be better, more experienced people enduring the avalanche of opportunity we have today. Thanks for all you do every single day.



Client Profile Featuring: JD Villasenor

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Company: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

How do you know Spectrum and since when: I have known Spectrum since starting with CWMP in 2005. As the Director of Premium Seat Sales, I work closely with Spectrum, who is the provider of Food & Beverage Services for the Woodforest Bank Club. They help ensure that our Season and Box Seat Holder guest’s experiences are second to none.

Tell us about your family: I am fortunate enough to be married to the perfect woman. Rhonda and I have 4 incredible boys ages 7, 9, 12, and 14. Our lives revolve around youth sports for the most part.

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world: When not at a football game, baseball game, basketball game, or at a concert, I enjoy being out on the road riding my bicycle. I enjoy the solitude of pedaling a bike and the opportunity it provides to clear my mind and focus on my thoughts.

Favorite foods, books, or vacation spots: One of my favorite things is a family road trip. Any chance we have to hop into the family cruiser and go see some part of this country is a treat! All of the boys travel well and love the adventure of random stops in little towns, and the opportunity to see and experience a little bit of Americana in person.



Wicked Whisk Catering

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Wicked Whisk Catering served up hot burgers and dogs, fresh off the grill, for the Howard Hughes Corporation Grand Opening of the Woodlands Hills Community in Willis. It was a beautiful day for 200 guests with not only great food but fabulously fun entertainment! ~Sandra B.

Wicked Whisk also took on the MPI Night Under the Stars event held on 5/22. We did a Wicked Garden Theme for 150 guests, and were the hit of the event! We loved hearing, “WOW,” when everyone came to our table!
~Jeannelle R.



Welcome to the team: Jazmine Ellegan

Hi Team! My name is Jazmine Ellegan-Simon, and I am the new Director of the People Department. I have worked in Payroll and HR over the past 10 years. I came from a company called “Human Resource & Payroll.” There, I processed payroll and assisted with all HR needs for 98 different clients (companies) with employee headcounts that ranged from 100 – 2,000. I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when the opportunity arose to be able to focus my skills on one company. I am a mother of 3 little beauties and married to my best friend of 14 years! In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends, running, traveling, and laughing! I feel blessed to be here, and I appreciate you all for being so warm and welcoming! I look forward to continuing to get to know each one of you!



Webster Hall

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It’s been a month since we opened doors at Webster Hall! We’ve had a show almost every day of the month. We opened up with Jay Z, had a couple of private events (including one with Marc Anthony), and have seen Halsey, Patti Smith, Chromeo, and others take on this legendary stage. A special thank you to everyone that came out to help, and made sure our opening was everything it should be. We have been getting amazing feedback. Shout out to my team for their hard work. I look forward to all that we are going to accomplish!
~Mercedes M.




RBC Canadian 6/3-6/9

Bonnaroo Music Festival 6/13-6/16

American Family Insurance Championship 6/17-6/23

Red, Hot & Blue 7/4

John Deere Classic 7/8-7/14

Forecastle Music Festival 7/12-7/14

Float Fest Music Festival 7/19-7/21

Pinknic Music Festival 7/19-7/20

Mo Pop Music Festival 7/27-7/28

Railbird Music Festival 8/10-8/11

BMW Championship 8/12-8/18

CP Women’s Open 8/29

Country Spirit USA 8/23-8/25

Afropunk Music Festival 8/24-8/25

Shaw Charity Classic 8/28-9/1

Moon River Music Festival 9/7-9/8

Kaboo Music Festival 9/12-9/15

Life is Beautiful Music Festival 9/20-9/22

Pilgrimage Music Festival 9/21-9/22



Piper Traylor 06/03
Olivia Adams 06/05
Jessica Fisher 06/09
Tori Colozza 06/10
Frank Norgan 06/10
Juan Atilano 06/12
Joseph Tabor 06/12
Stephanie Sallie 06/14
Torin Mobley 06/15
Clarence Smith 06/20
John Ward 06/20
Tyler Hill 06/23
Patrick Severson 06/24
Jennifer Toole 06/25
Willian Valladares 06/28
Kim Smidlein 06/30



William Valladares 06/01/2007
Tony Terwilliger 06/01/2008
Ray Goodin 06/05/2013
Samuel Badot-Fisher 06/12/2017
Danielle Currie Olivis 06/12/2017
Brent Norcross 06/18/2008
Kim Nguyen 06/19/2017
Taylor Hignite 06/19/2018
Virginia Lane 06/24/2016
Sharon Fitzpatrick 06/28/2018
Andy Dunaway 06/29/2015
Kim Smidlein 06/30/2003

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