Spectrum Connection: March

From the Desk of Dave Smalley:


I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition of a topic. Lately, my reading and interests have taken me in the direction of exploring how one changes courses in their life, personal affairs and business. Very few of us require drastic changes in our lives, but many of us, if not the majority of us, greatly desire and would benefit from betterment achieved through change. These desires often take the form of a wish or a resolution, or even a declaration. But they rarely take the required form of a committed choice. I surmise that is the case because it is uncomfortable to change, it takes effort, commitment, dedication and most of all, a well thought out plan. And then, when we start moving, it gets hard, there are obstacles, and most of us, when we get out of our comfort zone, we retreat back into that safe, squishy, mediocre place. Our mind is our lead warrior in combatting the comfort zone. Our mind is our most powerful tool to guide this magnificent machine we call our body into a rarefied life. In every aspect we must callous our mind to not accept the status quo and to push forward. To use a simple analogy, let’s say you chose to lose some weight and get into better shape / health. You decide that running is one of the main components of your plan, but you haven’t run in quite a while. You start out running and soon, predictably, your feet hurt, you are short of breath and you are approaching a quarter of a mile and you stop. A quarter of a mile is your victory, hey, it’s a start. But why did you stop at a quarter of a mile? Most likely because it was getting uncomfortable, and that soft squishy comfortable place was easier than that supposed goal of yours, so you stopped and congratulated yourself on starting. I contend that if you continually repeat this quarter mile, or whatever distance that may be, time and time again, there will be little to no progress towards your goal. But if you are consistent and persistent, and you allow your mind to push you just 10% beyond where you were the day before, every day, you will learn to be ‘comfortable’ outside of your comfort zone. A warrior mentality. Running is just one analogy. How does this apply to you? It might be diet, might be returning calls / emails / correspondence in a timely fashion, finishing all your responsibilities every day and not carrying them over until tomorrow. For a young person it may be studying, making the bed, or chores. Spiritually, it may be doing more than just attending service. In relationships, it may be doing more than just thinking about sharing a love note with your significant other, but following through with it consistently. In sports and training, it is pushing yourself to ‘one more’ than the day before. It is digging deeper when it hurts the most. In moderation, it is not taking that extra last bite. Regardless, it is a committed choice to callous your mind against your soft and comfortable self. Good things happen to good people. Great things happens to those who can fully unlock the potential of the calloused mind. With great respect, go out challenge yourself and never, never, give in.

Committed, ~Dave

From the Desk of Melanie Parker

Good communication is one of many key factors in any relationship be it personal or professional. It seems that communication is easier than ever right now given the tools and resources at our fingertips. While this may make me a bit vulnerable, I decided that in 2019 I was going to really do some self-work to enhance my day-to-day life, and just in general I want to be a better person. In all honesty, mainly a better person to myself. After all, we as individuals are our greatest advocates. Getting to the point, through this self-work, I am maybe rediscovering how best to communicate with others. Tone and mood through text messaging can be complicated; face-to-face conversation is where it’s at! Probably the greatest reward I’ve given to myself is to stop, reflect, think something through before rushing to judgement – which I am more prone to do (insert eye roll). Sometimes this thinking part takes more than a few minutes, maybe more than a day or two, to come to a thoughtful conclusion which makes whatever communication I need to have, all the better. Below are some communication tips I’d like to share. Here’s to better communication!


1. Do pay attention
This step bears repeating because it’s so simple yet, it is so often ignored. Maintain eye contact. Offer cues like nodding your
head. Stay focused. Request similar attention in response.
2.Do remain aware of your body language
You are saying just as much (if not more) with your non-verbal
communication. If you were to suddenly stand, you may send a
message of aggression or domination. Slouching is obviously
not a good way to demonstrate focus. Do not underestimate
what your body is communicating.
3. Do accept that all emotions are valid
We may not appreciate or like how someone else responds to
our words. This doesn’t make the other person wrong. It also
doesn’t invalidate their emotions. Simple reactions like “relax”
or “calm down” often lead to escalation. It’s not our place to
decide if someone has “overreacted.” We can only control our
own reactions.
4. Do practice empathy and open-mindedness
You’re giving them your attention. Your body language is on
point. Their emotions are being validated. But what’s going on
inside? Check yourself to make sure you’re being sensitive to
what’s being said. Also, are you remaining open to hearing
them out? You may disagree or may have heard it before. This
is an ideal time to ask non-confrontational questions. Such
questions can expand the conversation. They also send a message that you are listening with an open mind.
5. Do speak honestly
The most basic advice for good communication, saved for last.



1.Don’t underestimate timing
Sometimes it’s not what you say but when you say it. Correctly reading a situation is a big part of good communication. Learn to recognize cues and respect boundaries. If
the timing isn’t right, be patient. You’ll benefit from
2.Don’t be distracted by multi-tasking
Thanks to cellphones and computers, no one seems to do
one thing at a time anymore. This behavior has been
shown to be counterproductive in general. It also reduces
the chances of good communication. Focusing on the one
task of communicating is an excellent way to show you’re
3.Don’t interrupt
Listen. Take notes, if necessary. But wait your turn to
speak. Conversations are not monologues. Respecting
them helps create a healthy communication environment.
4.Don’t use “you” language
Miscommunication reigns when the bulk of your sentences
begin with “you.” You always say this! You never do that!
Such statements sound like accusations. You are putting
the other person on the defensive. Try expressing what
you feel, e.g. “I feel like I’m not being heard.”
5.Don’t be stubborn
To create a connection, it’s crucial to know that minds may
be changed. If one or both of you dig in your heels, communication is fruitless. Show them you’re ready to hear
them. Ask the same of them.

Pinnacle Award Winners: Missie, Kezia, Josh, and Jeff

It is with great honor and excitement that I announce Missie Martinez, Kezia Callahan, Josh Murray, and Jeff Davis -Towle are the recipients of the 2018 Pinnacle Award. They have demonstrated the highest caliber of service to Spectrum and stand as role models to their peers. Their contributions daily are not only greatly appreciated, but the fact is, they make our company better in so many ways. ~Dave

Order of Excellence Award Winners: Rueben, Nelson, & Juan

It is with Great Honor and excitement that Ruben Garcia, Nelson Flores, and Juan Atilano have been selected for the 2018 Order of Excellence! Their contributions to Spectrum are well documented, and have made the company better every day with them being a part of it. Ruben’s leadership has allowed Juan and Nelson to flourish and to become leaders and role models in our journey of success. ~Dave

Here we go 2019! The Golf season is in “full swing.”

We will be loading out of the Warehouse 26 eighteen wheelers from January 27th through March 11th for the following tournaments:

• Oasis (4 trucks)

• Honda (3 trucks)

• API (7 trucks)

• Hoag (6 trucks)

• Valspar (6 trucks)

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 At 1.54.34 Pm

This equates to approximately 955,000 pounds of freight. Did you know? Nearly 71% of all freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. To move 10.5 billion tons of freight annually requires over 36 million heavy duty trucks and over 3.5 million truck drivers. It also takes 3.9 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move all that freight. Spectrum certainly contributes to these statistics!

-Frank N.

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 At 1.54.46 Pm

January was the Lone Star Convention Center’s best month in more than five years. We started the year by giving the indoor concession stand a face lift. Each show has been significantly up over the previous one since the change. February also brought in a new opportunity, the largest truck show in the Country—The Lone Star Throwdown. This kept the positive sales versus last year, and the budget growing. This has really setting the pace and tone for another great year. With March holding the biggest event of our year, the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo, and April right around the corner, we hope everyone is as excited about this year as we are.

-Mike S.

Client Profile: Colin Conway

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 At 1.54.53 Pm

Company: AEG Presents

How do you know Spectrum and since when: I first met Dave and members of the Spectrum team back in 2014, when AEG Presents acquired two venues in Virginia – The NorVa and The National. We’ve since gone on to work on quite a few projects in the last five years!

Tell us about your family: My wife, Katherine, and I have been married for over 22 years. We have two fantastic children, James (15) and Caroline (12), and one year old yellow lab, Cooper.

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world: As a family we ski every weekend during the winter. Summer finds us “down the shore” enjoying the sun and sand. I especially enjoy reading non-fiction and autobiographies when I’m on the road traveling for work.

Favorite foods, books, or vacation spots: I love to travel with my family when my schedule permits. Our favorite vacation spot is Bermuda.

Spectrum is excited to announce our partnership with Stibbs & Co in the production of the annual BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival, to be held Saturday, March 23, 2019 in Town Green Park in The Woodlands, TX.

The Woodlands Online writes… THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The Woodlands’ premier celebration of Cajun-spiced seafood returns for its ninth consecutive year this March when the annual BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival takes over Town Green Park on Saturday, March 23. This year, the festival organizers will partner with Spectrum, a seasoned, nationwide concession and catering company based in The Woodlands, to make the event bigger and better than ever before. On hand will be thousands of pounds of boiled Louisiana crawfish and plenty of cold beer, as well as kid friendly fare such as Texas barbecue, and a variety of other refreshments. The Platinum Players Zydeco Band and Zach Coffey will warm up the crowd for musical headliners Bayou Roux alongside emcee DickSchissler of Lone Star Community Radio. Beyond the food, young children will find plenty to get excited about in the Kids Zone, which will feature a variety of activities including a bouncing moonwalk, rock-climbing wall, inflatable slide, coloring, face painting, cotton candy, and more. To purchase tickets and learn more about the festival, please visit www.WoodlandsCrawfish.com. “BB&T is excited to serve as the presenting sponsor of this event for the fourth year. Giving back to our community is a core tenet of the bank’s mission and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with Pulmonary Hypertension Research, Inc. and this festival,” said Market President for BB&T, Steve Smith. “Spectrum is a great, community-oriented group of event professionals, and with their help, we’re taking this festival to the next level in 2019,” said BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival co-founder Jack Stibbs. “This has been The Woodlands’ best family festival for nine years running, and we had to pull out all the stops to keep our wonderful crowds coming back to benefit a great cause.” Early in their daughter’s life, Jack and Marcia Stibbs learned that their young daughter was suffering from an incurable disease known as pulmonary hypertension (PH). There was little to no pediatric research for PH at the time. Doing nothing was not an option for them. With the help of their family, friends, and generous community, the Stibbs family made it their mission to raise funds and awareness for PH. Over nine years of fundraising has passed, a lot of research has been done, and treatments have come a long way—but the PH community still needs your support as there is still no cure. All of the festival’s proceeds will be used to fund research to help find a cure for pulmonary hypertension. Since its inception, the BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival has raised more than $2 million to fight PH. The BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival 11 a.m.–6 p.m., March 23, 2019 Town Green Park, The Woodlands, Texas



Screen Shot 2019 03 04 At 1.55.02 Pm

A view of the Saputo Stadium and the entrance to the on-site office. This is 49 days before the scheduled Opening Day Match, April 13th.
Coming soon!
~Ken Pool


Arnold Palmer Invitational 3/4—3/10
Hoag Classic 3/4—3/10
Valspar Championship 3/18—3/24
BB&T Woodlands
CrawPHish Festival 3/23
Bayou City Arts Festival—
Memorial Park 3/29—3/31
McDonald’s Houston
Children’s Festival 3/30—3/31
Valero Texas Open 4/1—4/7
Woodlands Waterway
Arts Festival 4/13—4/14
High Water
Music Festival 4/13—4/14
Trondossa Music &
Arts Festival 4/13—4/14
Insperity Invitational 4/29—5/5
Shaky Knees
Music Festival 5/3—5/5
AT&T Byron Nelson 5/6—5/12
Shaky Beats
Music Festival 5/10—5/11
Charles Schwab Challenge 5/20—5/26


Melanie Parker 03/02
Kathryn Sweeney 03/03
Lucy Martinez 03/12
Annette St. Romain 03/13
Kevin Bell 03/15
January Lesperance 03/16
Danielle Starkey 03/27
Tony Ayala 03/30
Kathryn Irwin 03/31
Oscar Romero 03/31


Ruben Garcia 03/01/1999
Santos Ventura 03/04/2008
Tina Young 03/05/2018
Victor Acala 03/10/1997
Carlos Alcantar 03/11/2013
Mike Ramirez 03/12/1994
Maverick Smalley 03/17/2008
Samantha Ferrel 03/22/2010
Jason Avellanet 03/23/2015
Jay Jung 03/24/2003
Mike Stapleton 03/24/2014
Missie Martinez 03/25/1997
Kim Nguyen 03/28/2016
Chloe Normand 03/29/2013

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