Spectrum Connection: May 2020

From The Desk Of Dave Smalley: MAY 2020

It’s dark out. It is supposed to be dark out. It is 3:30 a.m., and I am wide awake…again. All kinds of thoughts running through my head. Is this re- ally real? When will it be over? Am I strong enough? So many racing thoughts, trying to make sense of all this when there is no sense at all. Trying to gain some sort of control, where there is no control handle to grab.

Yes it is dark, but metaphorically speaking, the dawn will come. In the still darkness, I know there will be a dawn. Slowly darkness will give way to light, and then sunshine, and that gives me hope. Hope and personal resolve is what we have. That and each other.

That last part, the each other part, for me, is the epitome of two sides of the coin. On one side, it makes me sad, because I miss everyone, and I miss being us. As irrational as it is, it weighs heavily upon me that I can’t do a damn thing to affect this whole situation. I am used to doing so, I am supposed to lead, to affect situations, to protect.

Thankfully, there is the other side of the coin. My respect and love for everyone, and those reciprocal feelings are exactly the boost I need to keep focused on the future; one foot in front of the other. Preparing and planning for the various possible scenarios of what our industry might be like when we get back to work.

The fact is YOU inspire me. You inspire me to fo- cus my mind on what is in front of me, what opportunities may present themselves, and how we are going to capitalize on them


From The Desk Of Melanie Smalley

May 2020. As I type this monthly article, I am reminded that it has been almost six Sundays since our lives changed. Six Sundays. I find that Sundays suddenly take on a new meaning for me; they’ve always been a day of reflection and faith, but Sunday is now also a “marker”. I do not at all mean that in a negative way. Perhaps like you, the days of the week have been a little distant to identify, so Sunday is my “marker” day, highlighted to remind me that it’s a brand-new week!

Six Sundays. Almost daily I talk to family, friends, associates, clients – the first question posed on both sides is

true time to really read. I read every single day; it fills my cup. I love to write and send handwrit- ten cards and letters. I’ve had time to do just that, and reconnect with old friends through writ- ing. We’ve decluttered our home and our offic- es, we’ve organized and honestly re-organized

“how are you”? It’s not uncommon in a normal day to day to simply say “We’re great, doing just fine, nothing new here”. Now, it’s a bit of a challenge to answer, easier not to answer at all. I found myself saying “just living a new normal,” and then I started to reflect on that answer. At the end of the day, there is NOTHING “normal” about any of this, nothing, zero. We should not accept this “new nor- mal” simply because it is not normal, and we should not allow it to become a new normal. We need to remind one another that this time in our lives is not normal, it is tem- porary, and that the normal we know will return, albeit it may look a little different.

Six Sundays. I have always been one to enjoy my exercise routine when business and life would allow. For almost six weeks now, I’ve been able to really jump start my passion for working out. Dave and I have long talked about plant- ing a garden…guess what, we did it (with a little help from our friends). I absolutely love to read, but I haven’t had the

(ha!). We’ve spent quality time with our loved ones – prac- ticing social distancing of course – laughing, crying, giving air hugs, and air kisses.

Six Sundays. To my friends, now is the time to create some new habits, remember what you are passionate about, and do it! Focus on the things that you CAN control and not the things you cannot control. Today is the day, now is the time to do what matters to you, to make a difference in your own life; don’t be complacent, don’t sit by the phone, don’t sit by the computer…get up, and do YOU!

Six Sundays and counting, until we are together again. My heart is full of love for ALL of you, I miss your faces, I miss our laughs. Remember, this is NOT normal – it is my prayer that our normal is just around the corner.




Summer rolls

May 2020 Page 3 Image 0001

An easy, refreshing snack!

prep time: 25 Minutes cook time: 0 Minutes yield: 8 Summer Rolls



  • 8–16 sheets of rice paper (This makes 8, but you will need 16 if you want to double

up the wraps for each roll)

  • 1 large carrot, peeled and julienned
  • 1 mango, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup of cabbage, shredded
  • 1 small cucumber, julienned
  • 1 small bell pepper, julienned
  • Lettuce leaves (You can use any Here are 4 large pieces of collard greens)
  • handful of mint (About 4 medium leaves per roll)
  • 1 avocado, thinly sliced
  • peanut sauce for serving



  • Prepare your rice paper wraps as you’re ready to roll them, but running each wrap under water for 5 seconds You can use 2 wraps per roll, and run them under

the water at the same time. Or, you can do this with just one wrap if desire. Lay the first wrap down (doing this on parchment paper may help it not stick as much). Lay the second wrap down on top of the first so that there’s about an inch over hang-

ing (this just give you more space to work with).

  • Lay the green leaves down in the center of the rice paper (you can split into small pieces to make it easier). Stack up all of the veggies, mango, and the mint so that

you’re using about 1/8 per roll. Eyeball it to try and make them all even. Leave 1/2 of an inch clean on the sides.

  • Start rolling the wrap from one end, and tuck it gently but tightly over the top of the Fold over the sides and continue to roll.
  • Enjoy immediately or the next day with a big bowl of peanut sauce!

Ways to keep busy when you’re stuck at home

  • Keep your body active:
    • Dance to music
    • Do a home workout
    • Go for an outdoor walk or run


  • Keep your brain active:
    • Read a book or newspaper
    • Do a word or number puzzle
    • Learn a language or take a class online
    • Tune into a new TV or radio show
    • Video chat with friends or family
    • Try a meditation exercise


  • Complete tasks at home:
    • Plan tasks ahead of time
    • Keep a clean and tidy home
    • Mend or fix broken items
    • If you are able, do some outdoor yard work
    • Plan a future event


  • Get creative:
    • Start an art project
    • Play an instrument
    • Pick up a new hobby
    • Try a DIY project
    • Try a new recipe or create your own


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