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From The Desk of Dave Smalley: Why Me? Why Not Me?


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Juxtaposed, the questions, “Why Me?” and “Why not Me?” seem to take on a meaning of their own. Separated, they are an expression of a mindset. One could argue that “Why Me?” is the outcry of some-one who feels wronged or unfairly targeted/burdened by circumstance, by others, or by Karma. On the other hand, “Why not Me?” seems to bely a mindset of some-one open to accepting a challenge, putting themselves out there, and being ready for what is next…hoping to be selected. When one utters either of these phrases, they are revealing a mindset of the individual.

Posed as a question, maybe a rhetorical question, “Why Me?” will most likely not have an answer. More directly, it may be a question emanating from a defensive, possibly defeated attitude regarding outside influences. I believe that the person asking “Why Me?” may also be the same person that, when asked “How are you?” may answer with, “Not bad.” What is “Not bad?” Clearly, it is not great, or even good. It is simply a non-positive answer to one’s perceived state of being or mindset. I am not bad…hmmm. It seems to come from a place of defeat, like “Why Me?”

“Why not Me?” is still a question, but one with unlimited answers. “Why not Me?” opens up the individual to embrace all things. The “Why not Me?” individual accepts the outside influences and sees them as an opportunity. A “Why not Me?” individual is likely to answer the “How are you?” question with a positive to extremely positive, such as “I am doing well,” or “I am doing great, thank you.” That positivity opens one up to embrace the day and welcome challenges which evolve in their mind to opportunities.

So, if you are of a “Why Me?” mind-set, consider following that up with the question “Why NOT Me?” Use the two questions together to gain traction on your journey to extreme confidence and positivity. As you journey and practice “Why me?” / “Why not Me?” I am certain that, in a short time, you will transition to simply “Why not Me?” You will then graduate from a question to a statement, “WHY NOT ME!” When you become “WHY NOT ME!” you become the powerful decision-maker of your future and all things around you. The day is brighter, the sky is bluer, your heart and mind are open to all the world has to offer. Make “WHY NOT ME!” your mantra, and make your statement. With great respect to you and your families, thank you. May your Thanksgiving be filled with family, love, and thanks.


P.S. It is time for the annual statistical travel log for Dave Smalley! Not sure why, but people seem to ask me about this all the time, so here it is… 2019 was a banner year for RV travel.

• I boarded the bus at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the first week of March, and parked it for a brief spell on August 22nd, after BMW. Climbed back aboard for The Houston Open, and put it up for the season. I saw over 10,000 miles of our beautiful country, and I slept 160 nights in various states of slumber.

• I logged 101 nights in various hotels, two of those in Augusta Georgia, for my first ever visit there. I was informed that I am now a Titanium member for life at Marriott. Who knew there was even such a thing?!

• Flying, well, I do prefer the bus, but the job calls for the big metal bird from time to time, completing 65,000 miles in the air.

To all my fellow Spectrum road warriors, I salute you! We are with-out question a family. And to the BEST co-pilot I could ever ask for, thanks Melanie for helping me keep it between the lines. See you all down the road!


From The Desk Of Melanie Smalls

What timing to find this article! I seriously need this message in my life, not just today, but every day. I hope you will find some inspiration in this message SHOW EM’ WHAT YOU’VE GOT!



When the World Says, “No!” When 19th Century clergyman Henry Ward Beecher was a young boy in school, he learned a powerful lesson in self-confidence. He was called to stand and recite in front of the class. He had hardly begun when the school teacher interrupted with an emphatic, “No!” The startled boy hesitantly began again. After a moment, the teacher once more thundered, “No!” Now humiliated, the student sat down.

The next boy rose to recite and had just begun when the teacher likewise shout-ed, “No!” This student, however, kept on with the recitation until he completed it. As he sat down, the instructor responded, “Very good!”

Confused and irritated, the young Henry Beecher complained to the school teach-er, “I recited just as he did.” But the instructor replied, “It is not enough to know your lesson, you must be sure. When you allowed me to stop you, it meant that you were uncertain. If all the world says, ‘No!’ it is your business to say, ‘Yes!’ and prove it.” It is clear to us that the world says, “No!” in a thousand ways:

“No! You can’t do that.”
“No! You are wrong.”
“No! You are too old.”
“No! You are too young.”
“No! You aren’t strong enough.”
“No! You can’t do it that way.”
“No! You don’t have the right education.”
“No! You don’t have the background you need.”
“No! You don’t have enough money.”
“No! You’ll never succeed.”
And each “No!” you hear has the potential to erode your confidence bit by bit until you quit altogether.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” The world may say “No!,” but if you have a bigger “Yes!” burning deep inside, the world won’t know what to do with you. And you will always prevail.
-Steve Goodier

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Good afternoon Shelley!

I am reviewing our BLM feedback forms, and I found it notable that all respondents said the food was adequate at the event this year. There was an open text field where people could write an open-ended comment, and several people took the time to say the food was excellent, there were no negative comments! Thank you and your team for another year of great service! ~B—Staff Law Enforcement Ranger


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HUGE shout out to Juan Atilano for making these AWESOME benches for the Tailgate Zone out at the Houston Open! I sent him a picture of what we were looking for, and he took off with it. As you can ee, he did an amazing job on them! Thanks so much, Juan, your craftsmanship is second to none! Also, big thanks to Samantha and Eduardo for adventuring the salvage yard with me! I appreciate all of you!

~Olivia Adams

Client Profile: Hope Bell

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Company: Hillwood, A Perot Company

How do you know Spectrum and since when: I began working with Spectrum in 2013, when I took on the role to oversee event planning and logistics for the Hillwood Chalet at the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. The Spectrum team has been outstanding to work with, and always provides exceptional customer service. Huge shout out to Joe, Tanner, Sorangel, Angel, and Velma!

Tell us about your family: My immediate family includes Chris, my husband of almost 19 years, and Vera, my 7-year old daughter. I’m hoping to add a dog to our family soon, too. Just trying to get my husband on board! 🙂

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world: I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, reading, and helping in the children’s ministry at our church.

Favorite foods, books, or vacation spots: We love to escape to Colorado in the summer to beat the summer heat. Our favorite resort town is Winter Park, CO! Beautiful mountain views, hiking, live music, a fun adventure park – it’s the best! We’re also looking forward to traveling to New Zealand in the summer of 2020.

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The Story Behind Diana

Diana American Grill draws on the heritage of great theater district restaurants where people can relax and eat well before a great show. The restaurant is named as a tribute to Diana Hobby, whose vision was essential in bringing the Hobby Center to life. The dining room at Diana America Grill is relaxed and comfortable with a spectacular view of downtown Houston.

Located Inside The Hobby Center

Diana American Grill is located in the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, in the heart of downtown Houston. The venue stands as the premier entertainment complex in the Houston Theater District.

The Story of Diana

Diana Poteat Hobby, 1931-2014, was a devoted patron of literary and performing art forms. The Hobby Center pro-grams in literature, drama and music, especially by local artists in smaller spaces, were among her greatest joys. Diana came to Texas as a young bride from her family farm in North Carolina. In addition to sharing the humanities through art, nothing gave her more pleasure than serving fresh vegetables from her garden and sharing the bounty of her orchard with her family and friends. She would be honored that her legacy of gracious hospitality lives on at the Hobby Center. ~Ricky E.

Congratulations Kevin!

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Wicked Whisk’s Executive Chef was invited to represent Texas in a 50-state competition for Flavored Nation. The competition he faced was the best of the best, past Hell’s Kitchen winners, Food Network Personalities, and many other heavy hitters in the culinary world. He did not let this get in his way, Kevin placed 7th in the Nation! He cooked Brisket, and well-known North Carolina Pitmasters told him, “it was some of the best brisket they ever had!” On behalf of Spectrum & Wicked Whisk, we knew Kevin would shine like the star he is, and we are BEYOND proud of him. Congratulations, Kevin!


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Astroworld Music Festival  


Lighting of the Doves 11/16
Lights all Night 12/27—12/28


James Smalley 11/01/2007
Matthew Lepine 11/01/2017
Patrick Severson 11/06/2018
Keith Haskins 11/08/2011
David Webster 11/08/2011
Rochelle Allley 11/12/2018
Alexander Manan 11/14/2011
Reginald Carroll 11/14/2017
Christopher Domino 11/16/2018
Keleigh Dotter 11/16/2018
Rebecca Lamey 11/16/2018
Morgan Greer 11/25/2011
Ashley Ohnoutka 11/26/2018
Megan Bybee 11/27/2017
Tanner Figueroa 11/28/2017
Rachel Boyes 11/30/2015



Kim Nguyen 11/04

Cristian Ventura 11/07

Victor Alcaca 11/09

Maverick Smalley 11/09

Jamichael Rozier 11/15

Audrey Moore 11/16

Carlton Lepine 11/17

James Smalley 11/20

Rochelle Alley 11/26

Maisie Wilkinson 11/26

Nichoolas Goodin 11/28

Taylor Hignite 11/30

Santos Ventura 11/30

Omar Wilder 11/30

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