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From The Desk Of Dave Smalley: The Great Competitive Advantage: PREPARATION

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Lucky breaks, unfortunate consequences, change of plans, things that just turned out differently than you planned. Yep, these, and more are all part of life. Life twists and turns, it’s smooth sailing, and it’s bumps in the road. Regardless, life journeys on with you in it.

Life’s journey involves all the components of our lives… business, spiritual, family, and personal. We experience wins and losses, and everything in between. The funny thing is that we, as humans, react quite differently to each different situation; totally dependent on if the outcome is negative or positive. If you are anything like me, in the professional world, if something breaks positively we are quick to accept it as gospel and own the victory. But when things break negatively, we are generally just as quick to begin searching for the outside cause of the negative. Clearly, someone or something has to take responsibility.

A brilliant case study shows this is a financial job report for some function or period. If it comes back better than anticipated it’s, “Hey, look at me!,” and the report gets set on the corner of my desk. If it comes back as underperforming, you can bet that it will be scoured to find some coding error or misplaced revenue. It certainly could not be me or a result of my actions, or inactions. So, we start looking for outside influences that must have been beyond our control. We may find ourselves in a position of crying foul, what happened was unfair, rather than really examining our role, and as importantly, searching introspectively for what we could have or should have done.

Think about the bid not won, the client declining your business, the potential date that said no thank you, the race you thought you might win, but did not. In every instance that I have ever fallen short, the more real I got, the longer I looked, the more crystal clear that it became, that if I would have prepared more, planned better and communicated my message more clearly, not only to the others, but to myself, I would not have found myself on the short end of the stick. It is all in being prepared. So simple!

The very same rules apply to taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Often times, I am approached with the question, “How did you achieve this? How did you get that contract? How did you get this or that piece of business? How did you win that game?” My answer is most often, “just lucky, I guess.” But I know what the real answer is. The real answer is that I prepare every day for the unknown. Yes, I anticipate the unknown. Now, before you label me as kooky, let me explain. I prepare myself by keeping my work and responsibilities up to date, my desk uncluttered, and my mind free. I am prepared to go left, go right, go backwards, or forwards without any other unfinished obligations tethering me down and reducing my reach. I am prepared to see the opportunity. I am prepared to compete for that prize. And, I am not encumbered by unfinished business that keeps me from getting the win.

I hope that this is not taken as an egotistical stance; it is not intended as such. It is intended to show that total preparation results in the greatest positive outcome of a planned event in your life, and allows the greatest results in opportunities that are presented that are yet to be discovered. The opportunities are anticipated, just the specific nature of those opportunities are to be uncovered.

Be prepared to take control of all that you do by preparing totally. Return all those calls every day; same with notes and emails. Finish all the details in a timely fashion, not just the big stuff…all of it. Never let the job fill your day. Go back and check it over, and then check it all over again, leaving no stone unturned. The result of this behavior is that your work will be recognized as better than “good enough.” Your acuity to seeing the ray of sunlight in the crack of the door of opportunity will allow you to bust through, into the sunshine before anyone else; being mired in the day to day has the inkling to look up. Preparation is the GREATEST competitive advantage one can gain.

Cheers to October, the beginning of the final quarter of 2019. Let’s all prepare to finish strong, like Champions!

With respect, ~Dave

Oh, and P.S. Don’t forget those closest to you. Never take them for granted. Do more than tell them you love them, show it. Peace and Grace.

From The Desk Of Melanie Smalley

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You know the handyman toolbox you likely have in your house? Good tools for those pesky needs that come up around the house, your go-to toolbox with a hammer, a level, a wrench, and some screwdrivers…and of course duct tape! All of the handy do-it-yourself tools for those quick fixes.

Along the same lines, I think we all have a “toolbox” of our own that we keep in our back pocket, so to say. Those everyday tools that we use to navigate our personal and professional day-to-day. Tools like listening instead of talking, experienced advice, giving instead of receiving, turning the other cheek, being a good friend and parent and spouse; personal tools that make a difference every day.

Be sure to share your personal tools to inspire and empower others; your wisdom and experience are applauded. Allow others put your tools to good use…for the greater good.

Keep your personal toolbox close. You never know when you or someone else will need one of your tools, and the difference that toolbox can make to others. Share them too, and ask others to share their toolbox with you. After all, we can all be a handy-man!

Be Blessed, ~Mel

Congrats Gwendolyn & Keith, It’s A Girl!

Saoirse Aoife Fae

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Wicked Whisk: University Of Houston Red Zone

Wicked Whisk Spectrum October

Welcome & Congrats!

Holly Tuggle

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Hey Everyone! My name is Holly Tuggle, and I am very excited to be apart of this team as the Operations Administrative Assistant in the Main Warehouse. I’m originally from Dallas, but I’ve been in Houston for the last month. I have 3 wonderful boys – Ayden Michael (7), Kai Jordan (5), and Jameson Nash (5 months). With three small children, my time outside of work is usually wrapped up with them and football. My professional background is primarily freight/logistics. I am also a licensed pest and termite tech; along with being a general contractor in roofing. I stay pretty busy! I look forward to meeting you all. Oh, and ‘Go Dallas Cowboys!’







Jeannia S.

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It’s with great pleasure that Arizona Catering would like to announce the advancement of Lucy Martinez to Principal Contact for Arizona Catering in Las Vegas. Lucy will be handling the majority of the riders for shows performing in Vegas, and she will be working with Keith to schedule them and get them packed accordingly. Lucy’s dedication to each event is a model for all of us to take note of, and an example we can all follow. That same dedication and stable, positive, “we can do it” attitude has earned her this next step in her career with us at Arizona Catering. I ask you all to join me in congratulating Lucy on her new position. ~Jeannia S.






Employee Profile: Maisie Wilkinson

Employee Profile Spectrum October

How did you get introduced to Spectrum?
I was first introduced to Spectrum by my high school friend, Amber Peterson. Amber’s stepmom, Cherish, is Missie’s sister. Missie mentioned that
Ruben was looking for an Administrative Assistant at the time. Amber had just recently taken another job, so she passed the info along to me.

When did you start, and what is your role at Spectrum?
I started working for Spectrum in October of 2005. My first position was Ruben Garcia’s Assistant. Not long after, I transferred over to be Missie’s
Assistant. After many years of working under Missie, I moved to Austin, TX for a year and worked part-time. When I moved back to The Woodlands, I became part of the Accounting Team, where I currently still am.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the people that I work with! We are all one big happy, dysfunctional
family, and we are all okay with that!

Tell us about your family!
I met my husband of 6 years, Aaron Wilkinson, while working at Spectrum. He has been one of the greatest things to happen to me! We have 2
dogs, Guinness and Taco, two semi adopted children, Alexis and Veronica,(my nieces) that live with us, and many other “children” that work at the
company…you all know who you are!

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world?
I work a lot, but when I am free, I like to spend time with my dogs and husband. Aaron and I have been fortunate to get to do some big traveling! We went to Australia on our last trip, which included scuba diving The Great Barrier Reef. I can’t wait to see where we will go next!

Why Spectrum?
Even though we work long, crazy schedules, we all keep going, smiling, laughing, providing the best service we can! Dave has always been a great
boss that takes care of everyone, and I can’t imagine not working with all these great people that we do!

Do you have a favorite event, if so, which one and why?
This year Spectrum ventured down into the Grand Cayman to partner with Kaaboo, and that was a cool event to work. I had never been there before, but it is now on my list to return for vacation!

Moon River Music Festival

Moonriver Spectrum October

Comin Up

Houston Open 10/7—10/13
Exit 111 Music Festival 10/11—10/13
Bayou City Arts Festival 10/12—10/13
Alliance Air Show 10/19—10/20
Mala LunaMusic Festival 10/26—10/27
Miami Beach Pop Music Festival 11/8—11/10
Astroworld Music Festival 11/9
Lighting of the Doves 11/16
Lights all Night 12/27—12/28


Lendsay Lemmermann 10/02
Aaron Weatherford 10/04
Adam Avelar 10/07
Shandra Case 10/11
Alexis Quezada 10/12
Michael Stapleton 10/12
Janis Demarco 10/14
Keleigh Dotter 10/14
Michael Seay 10/15
Jose Abad 10/16
Alexander Manan 10/20
Adam Lassetter 10/20
Maria Mesa 10/21
Damon Covington 10/26
Jose Ventura 10/27
Silvia Hernandez 10/28
Claudio Atilano 10/30
Richard Esquivel 10/30
Ismael Montoya 10/30
Joseph Shabazz 10/31
Byron Sonnier 10/31


Patrick Najera 10/2/2004
Brenda Johnson 10/13/2004
Aldo Chavez 10/11/2005
Maisie Wilkinson 10/31/2005
Pablo Montoya 10/26/2006
Juan Atilano 10/27/2006
Jon McDonald 10/19/2012
Mark Wright 10/13/2014
Jessica Fisher 10/30/2016
Libardo Gaviria 10/5/2017
Carlton Lepine 10/16/2017
Joseph Shabazz 10/20/2017
Leonel Pontifes 10/26/2017
Sofia Vera 10/26/2017
Isidora Aguilar 10/26/2017
Ivan Garduno 10/27/2017
Patrick Irwin 10/31/2017
Brice Graham 10/1/2018
Callie Bird 10/4/2018
Julia Lane 10/23/2018

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