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From the desk of Dave Smalley: SELF-TALK

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I would like to explore self-talk with you. Not the mumbling self-talk your mom did when she left the room when you were a kid and, well, let’s just say, you didn’t display the best judgment. Nor the kind of self-talk a golfer may have when they hit a poor shot. No, this self-talk is the kind we all use when we are, as the name implies, talking to ourselves.

Some of us talk out loud to ourselves (usually this seems to take a scolding tone), and most of us use internal self-talk, thinking our words / message to ourselves. While both may seem alike, and the words might be the same, they are very, very different.

The external self-talk, the out-loud one, has proven to allow one to distance themselves from the moment, especially moments of doubt or anxiety. Talking out loud to yourself can have a cooling, calming effect in a pressure-packed situation. It is like having a teammate or someone you trust tell you, “you’ve got this!” We listen to those around us that calm us, and this same thing is true when we talk to ourselves. Giving that real voice to your inner cheerleader gives you the boost that just “thinking” about the task at hand cannot.

This same phenomenon can be experienced when one hits those proverbial bumps in the road, and things are just not going right. What does a friend do when their friend hits these rough patches? They tell them that everything is going to be okay, that they are strong, they will get through it, and other encouraging and calming things. They seem to be the voice of reason. Yes, that is what we do when others are stressed. But what is our inner self-talk like when that person is us? We are a mess! So we need to be that loud voice of reason, telling ourselves out loud that “we’ve got this!” Shoot, that is what we would do for a friend, why not do it for ourselves.

In this instance, address yourself in the second or third person, use your name. “You are strong, you are smart.” “This is only temporary.” Be POSITIVE in your words! This third-person external voice will be your voice of reason, and allow you the clarity to make less emotional decisions rooted in the moment, and adapt more forward-thinking, positive choices. Keep things positive, not negative. Move “I don’t quit” to “You don’t quit” or “your name doesn’t quit.” This simple change, and speaking it out loud to yourself, will allow you to see things as less challenging, less threatening.

Keep your self-talk simple and positive. Perhaps consider trying it in a group situation, with family, work associates, friends, or teammates. Encourage the group out loud and allow that message to encourage yourself. As you get more comfortable, as you begin seeing the results, encourage yourself in out loud, positive self-talk. Start making it a habit and an automatic mindset. And like I suggested, keep it positive and simple. Don’t overthink it.

I use this very successfully. At times, I have to remind myself to keep it positive, as I can often use my self-talk to scold myself, hopefully, to motivate me to not repeat a mistake. But that comes from a negative place. When I turn it positive, that is when I thrive, not just survive. (See what I did there? Ha!) As soon as you start doing this, you will start noticing other successful people, in all walks of life, especially athletes, employing this handy successful tool. I can’t wait to see what you can talk to YOU about! Have a great September.

With Respect,

Dave Smalley

From the desk of Melanie Smalley

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“Help me to embrace what comes at me as an opportunity… rather than a personal inconvenience.”

I must admit, that as of late I have felt more inconvenienced than opportunistic. This inspires me to recognize that opportunity comes when we least expect it, and maybe when we need it the most.

To see the opportunity is to see a new challenge. For me, I’m pretty happy in my comfort zone and a new opportunity can seem daunting. I find myself faced with decisions and sometimes my first instinct is “what if I fail, what will others think about me?” Pretty pessimistic, huh?

Just recently, Dave has been challenging us to get out of our comfort zone, because staying in it might not allow us to see the opportunity in front of us; take a chance to learn about ourselves instead of feeling trapped, instead of being comfortable.

I like living in my bubble of comfort, why do I need to embrace an opportunity, I’m happy right where I am! But, after some thought, “personal inconvenience” is a cop-out; fear talking and anxiety-driven.

Seems pretty limiting and certainly doesn’t give me the best chance to spread my wings, discover what may be my better self, some untapped talent or knowledge. Spending too much time worrying about what other people think of us and the “what if I fail” mentality is a time-waster. Let’s be our authentic selves, embrace opportunity, and engage in a new challenge. We are, thankfully, still learning…let’s learn together!

Cheers, Mel

Welcome Brandy

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My name is Brandy Helsel, and I am so thrilled to join the team at Arizona Catering as the new Sales Manager. My background includes working in patient care in the OB/GYN fields, as well as, working as a Sales and Marketing Director for a small financial firm in Arizona. I am an Arizona native and have been married for 15 years. I have five daughters, and our house is beautifully chaotic sometimes. I also have one very opinionated American bulldog. In my spare time, I enjoy loading up the family and taking day adventures exploring the local mountains, trails, lakes, and cheering on our Arizona Cardinals. I also have a small studio that I enjoy spending time in creating all various forms of art. I look forward to this new venture, and I am glad to be a part of the Spectrum Organization!

Welcome Vincent

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Vincent Forchelli, a born and raised New Yorker, found himself in the NY restaurant business at the young age of 12 to stay out of trouble from the neighborhood. His pursuit of his craft continued with professional training and traveling to the likes of France, Spain, Italy, and Thailand (to name a few) seeking the best and brightest minds in the business. After a decade long tenure in NYC restaurants and several restaurant openings, Vincent found himself in Houston and now calls Spectrum home. He’s found a great team at Diana’s American Grill at the Hobby Center and is looking forward to showcasing his career-long passion for great food.

What’s Wicked Whisk up to?

On August 14, Wicked Whisk Catering participated in the White Oak Music Hall’s Annual Open Hall Bash and featured some new menu items such as Korean Pork Belly Slider with Homemade Kimchi and Shaved Jalapeno on a Ginger and Black Sesame Seed Profiterole served with Five Spice Potato Crisp with Gochujang Kewpie & Chive. There was also Bourbon Chocolate Dipped Bacon Pops, our new Signature Wick-ed Cookies. The biggest hit of the night the Mini Quail & Waffles!

Client Profile Featuring: Jennifer & Mike Cavins

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Company: Uncommon Ground

How do you know Spectrum, and since when? We met Dave, Melanie, and the Spectrum Family in 2011 at the John Deere Classic

Tell us about your family.  Jennifer and I have been married for twenty five years, and we have two boys. John is twenty years old and starting his second year at TCU in Texas. Matthew is eighteen, and in his senior year at Bettendorf High where he enjoys playing basketball and running track. We have two dogs, Hooey and Bernice, who enjoy the lifestyle of being a Cavins Dog!

What are your interests when time permits away from our crazy world?  We enjoy traveling to Sanibel Island with family, hiking in Colorado, and taking our ATV’s out for a ride.

Favorite foods, books, or vacation spots. Foods: Anything Mexican and Whiteys Ice cream. Books: Jen’s is Summer of 69. Mine is currently The Rhythm of Business. Vacation Spots: Sanibel Island, Estes Park, Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. Somewhere preferably without cell service.

Shout Outs to Indiana State Fairgrounds


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We just wrapped up the 2019 Indiana State Fair. This was the first fair for my catering manager Brandy Tryon & Banquet Chef Taylor Hignite, most of our staff and myself. The amount of positive feedback that we got was so incredible I had to share it with everyone. Several of these events were as large as 800 people. I am very proud to be working with a team of managers and staff that we have at our venue. Every staff member and manager was instrumental in our success, and I want to thank my General manager John Snyder, Executive Chef Andy Duna-way, Concessions Manager Ryan Dobrota, and Sous Chef Joe Tabor.
~Callie Bird

Thank you very much, Callie! It was a pleasure to work with you, Chef Taylor, and the others on your staff. We appreciate all that you did to make our event successful. The evening when we were able to prepare the meal in your facilities was a very special time for our students. We truly appreciate this opportunity! Best wishes for the rest of the State Fair and beyond!
~Steve McKinley 4-H Extension Specialist

We had a couple of bumps as our employees and their families began to arrive. Lorene Graves happen to stop by the Farm Bureau Building just at the right time. She made a couple of phone calls, and within a few minutes it was all taken care of. Rac also stopped by just to check in to ensure everything was good. The catering team from Spectrum was wonderful, and the food was always fresh and available. Our employees and their families enjoyed their day at the fair! Thank you again.
~Linda Sayne Administrative Assistant Boars Head Provisions

Congrats Tracy & Jeannelle

We are pleased to announce the promotions of Tracy VanNostrand and Jeannelle Rossano to the positions of Vice President of Catering for Spectrum Catering. Tracy joined our company 1.5 years ago as the Director of Sales for Wicked Whisk. In a short time, she helped grow the department through strategic marketing and rolled out a new catering system to increase efficiency. In November of 2018, Tracy was promoted to Vice President of Sales & Operations where she has been responsible for the overall department. Her first action item was to hire Jeannelle Rossano to partner with her and manage the FOH/BOH operations. Jeannelle joined our company in January as the Director of Operations for Wicked Whisk where she has made an immediate impact on the controls of the department. Jeannelle is directly responsible for making significant strides to control payroll, COGS and overall net. In this new position, Tracy and Jeannelle be in charge of overseeing the sales and operations of Arizona Catering, Cirque Arena Tour, The Woodforest Bank Club/ Pavilion and Wicked Whisk Catering.
Please join us in congratulating Tracy and Jeannelle on their promotion and in wishing them continued success at our company.
~Spectrum People Department

Congrats Manny

Manny has been with Arizona Catering for six months and has shown the right attitude and skills needed to do an exemplary job as a dishwasher, prep cook, and handy-man. Soon, Manny will be moving around again to start helping Eric in the ware-house. He learns and works with a sense of purpose and efficiency. Manny continuously shows excellence and has improved, not only the back but the front on day to day operations. He is exactly what we look for when we talk about being a team player, and we are more than grateful to have him on our team. Congratulations, Manny. Keep up the good work, and continue to inspire. ~Jeannia Smith



Coming Up

Shaw Charity Classic 8/28—9/1

Moon River Music Festival 9/7—9/8

Kaaboo Music Festival 9/12—9/15

Life is Beautiful Music Festival 9/20—9/22

Pilgrimage Music Festival 9/21—9/22

Sea Hear Now Music Festival 9/21—9/22

Houston Open 10/7—10/13

Exit 111 Music Festival 10/11—10/13

Bayou City Arts Festival 10/12—10/13

Alliance Air Show 10/19—10/20

Mala Luna Music Festival 10/26—10/27

Astroworld Music Festival TBD

Miami Beach Pop Festival 11/8—11/10

Lighting of the Doves 11/16

Lights all Night TBD


John Snyder 09/02
Sorangel Torres 09/04
Patrick Irwin 09/05
Jeannia Smith 09/09
Anthony Terwilliger 09/16
Jared Thigpen 09/16
Derek Mills 09/17
Jason Pastiak 09/18
Sofia Vera 0918
Martin Alzate 09/22
Ray Goodin 09/22
Eric Marchetti 09/25
Mark Wright 09/25
Keith Haskins 09/26
Sharon Fitzpatrick 09/27
Keith Mooney 09/27
Mercedes Gonzalez 09/28


Olivia Adams 09/10/2009
John Ward 09/10/2012
Keith Mooney 09/10/2018
Mark Dinnocenzo 09/15/2018
Adam Lassetter 09/16/2008
Audrey Moore 09/17/2018
Geoffrey Thompson 09/17/2018
Wendy Barba 09/19/2016
Martha Martinez 09/19/2016
John Snyder 09/21/2015
Nelson Flores 09/22/2014
Robert Willis 09/23/2017
Salvador Zepeda Jr. 09/25/2017
Adrian Vasquez 09/27/2017

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