Spectrum takes the leading role with a number of Broadway Theatres and permanent venues by providing superior concession and catering services and management. Delivering innovative, quality services at a valued price, the Spectrum Team ensures that concession revenue has a consistently positive financial impact on your venue.

    Having a party? Celebrating a special occasion? Let us host your next private party or special event at any one of our Broadway Theatres or Entertainment Venues. Each venue provides a one-of-a-kind experience! Come enjoy some of the hottest places in town for your next corporate or private events, meetings, lunches, dinners and more. Each Theatre and Venue offers year-round facilities, so use is not limited.

    Bravo! Bravo!

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    Edgy.  Distinctive.  Unique.  Dramatic.  Exceptional.

    These are the kind of experiences Cirque du Soleil delivers on stage and Spectrum delivers before the show and at intermission.  The innovative Spectrum Team has created a rare hospitality experience in the Tapis Rouge, appropriately named the “Red Carpet.”

    An artistic blend of innovative, delectable cuisine, indulgent desserts, fine wines, premium beverages and whimsical serving vessels – the Tapis Rouge is a unique complement to the Cirque du Soleil experience.

    From Vancouver, B.C. to Miami, from New York to L.A., tens of thousands of guests have been wowed by the Spectrum experience.

    Feeling inspired? In a permanent facility or temporary venue, we can custom design a hospitality experience that reflects your own theatrical or musical performance.


    Stadium Services are more than just concessions and catering.  It is an attitude!  The Spectrum attitude is that we will do whatever it takes to drive concession revenue to the stadium and to school booster clubs and local charitable organizations.  Just as importantly, we ensure that the customer interaction experience is second to none.

    In many documented instances, we are DOUBLING the previous concessionaire’s volume on same event night sales.  We install state-of-the-art, high definition menu flat screens in all stands.  We employ outstanding cash controls and offer innovative menu and seasonal offerings.

    If your concessions look tired, they are. Spectrum will show you a better way!