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POS Technology Resources

Spectrum is partnered with today's top outdoor event point of sale systems and deploys at hundreds of events each year.  

Spectrum boasts the most state-of-the-art point of sale (POS) system available on the market. We possess such features as real-time access to sales from anywhere in the world, store-forward capabilities to keep credit and cashless running no matter what the circumstances, and the most easily accessed and detailed dashboard in the business. This system accepts RFID cashless, NFC, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, EMV, QR, and other forms of payments.

Serving hundreds of events annually, Spectrum’s POS should be the financial game changer at your next event!

Age ID Verification

Spectrum's proprietary, instantaneous, 100% reliable age identification software is the standard in the responsible service of alcohol. We have over 10,000 fraudulent ID’s to prove it. If you care about the safe and responsible serving of alcohol, you MUST have Spectrum deploy this technology at your next event.

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