Spectrum Connection: November 2020

From the desk of Dave Smalley: Signs

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Signs are seemingly everywhere in our life. Some are posted, some are informational, some are directional, some we feel, and there are the signs of the times. All sorts of signs.

As of late, I have been seeing / feeling a sign that says, “ROAD CLOSED, Detour Ahead”. Yes, in early 2020 we were all traveling at the posted speed limit (alright, maybe a little above it) on a smooth, multi-lane highway on our jour-ney. Nothing but clear road ahead. And then, as you all know, we came upon a big ol’ ROAD CLOSED sign. We were faced with a choice: park on the side of the road or take the detour.

None of us wanted to take the detour and go out of our way, but we had to, or we had to sit. Many of us parked when we saw the ROAD CLOSED sign. Some are still parked there, waiting for the road to reopen. Others are taking the detour.

That life detour road is seemingly just like the detour roads I have experienced surround-ing road construction, or other road closing scenarios. The detour is certainly not a smooth road; in fact, it is quite bumpy. It is filled with stop signs and twisty turns where one cannot see what is ahead. It is an inconvenient detour, with no road signs saying how many more miles.

Yes, the road is closed but, more importantly, the destination is not. The destination is still out there and it is still open. We have no choice but to accept that the detour exists and travel on down that road. We know in our hearts that it will reconnect with the super highway, we just can’t quite see when. There are signs we are getting closer. And because we push forward, because we have faith, we take the detour, forge ahead and are much closer to our destination than those sitting by the road closed sign, waiting for the road to reopen.

Our detour journey actually has enriched our lives in ways not expected. On the detour route we have been able to see things and experience things that are not on the main road.

As we have shared before, when one door closes some people stare at that closed door for so long that they miss the doors of opportunity opening around them. We owe it to ourselves, our families and one another, to NOT be the one that sees the road is closed and not continue our journey. It’s the road that is closed, not the destination. Detour with passion, detour with faith and perseverance. Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Love To All,

Dave Smalley


From the desk of Melanie Smalley.

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The definition of HOPE is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. I don’t know about you, but I have and do remain hope-ful that our industry is going to rebound, and it will be more promising than ever!

The hardest part of tough times is not to lose hope. Fear has been knock-ing on our door; the unknown, the constant “what if”…both mantras that have no answer and leave us locked in that zone of fear. Staying in that fear zone pushes our sense of hope out of the picture; it sucks the poten-tial right out of the air leaving us scared. This sentiment isn’t meant to be debbie downer, but rather, believe it or not, to deliver a message of HOPE.

One of the amazing gifts of life always means we still have a chance! We can choose to unburden ourselves of fear and embrace the potential opportunities that we KNOW ex-ist…they just might take some time. Now more than ever discovering your personal and professional sil-ver lining is something tangible, meaning those silver linings are happening right now. Find them, em-brace them, write them down, bottle them up…whatever you do, just don’t let them get away. Those silver linings spur your HOPE. They fuel your fire and give you purpose not only today in the moment, but tomorrow and down the road too.

Professionally, we are starting to see small glimmers of HOPE. Preparations are underway for some small golf hospitality and we already have a small music festival and air show under our belt in the last few weeks. Small yes, but they delivered BIG on HOPE! 2021 business is starting to simmer, it’s not yet a boil but there is HOPE!

There are many divisions of our company. The reality is some division(s) may start to come back sooner than others. We have to be patient, we have to encourage each other, we must leave that door open for HOPE to enter. Positivity breeds positivity.

I send to each of you HOPE and blessings that I pray start to simmer in your life. Embrace the tough, nev-er give up…keep HOPE alive.

Love, Mel


In an effort to generate some laughs, I offer the following. I hope you will enjoy these funnies






Wicked Whisk Catering was proud to cater and serve at the In the Pink of Health Luncheon at Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center inside Memorial Hermann’s medical center on Friday, October 23rd. We feel blessed and honored to be a part of such a wonderful cause!

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Wicked Whisk was honored to provide the catering for another wedding at Iron Manor on Friday, October 9th and we were so thrilled to receive a 5 star review from the family just days after the wedding! Following all the new health and safety guidelines and adding sneeze guards to our buffets has been seamless and we look forward to serving at many more events in the future.


Whickedwisk Review






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